2020 Studio Policy

Our responsibility

To provide your child with the most comprehensive musical education that is available. All lessons will be tailored to suit the individual student's goals and desires. Students will receive a holistic and well-rounded musical education to suit their level and goals for the future.

Student/Parent Responsibility

Students are responsible to arrive on time, with their books, instrument and having completed their practice. Late arrivals will not be made up as we have commitments already scheduled after their lesson is finished. 

Students need to practice on a decent instrument. 

For Piano Students, please make sure the piano is tuned regularly. If you own a keyboard, please make sure the keys are weighted. Advice on purchasing a new piano can be provided.

For String Students: Please ensure you bring your instrument to each lesson. Advice on servicing or upgrading your instrument can be provided.

It is understood that no other music teacher shall be allowed to teach our students while they are enrolled at the Hansen Grindrod School of Music. If your child has a school music teacher, they are only permitted to teach ensemble repertoire or completely separate repertoire. Any breach of this agreement will constitute a reason for immediate termination of lessons. 

Studio Calendar

Term dates:

  • Term 1: Monday 3 February - Friday 3 April (9 weeks)
  • Term 2: Monday 20 April - Friday 26 June (10 weeks)
  • Term 3: Monday 13 July - Friday 18 September (10 weeks)
  • Term 4: Monday 5 October - Friday 27 November (8 weeks)

With the Pupil and Public holidays, lessons will go ahead unless stated.

Lessons over the holidays may be arranged by appointment only.


When signing up for lessons, all students commit to their reserved time slot on the schedule for the full term. Moving forward in 2020, Hansen Grindrod will only be offering weekly lessons. Students are expected to be at their lessons and no make ups or refunds will be provided. If the teacher is unwell, your lesson will be credited or rescheduled to a later date. 

For clashes with a school concert/camp, the lesson will be rescheduled to a negotiated time (only 1 reschedule per term permitted.) Notice must be given at the start of term to receive an alternative timeslot.

Any and all late or missed payments are subject to a $50 late fee.

Tuition not only covers the time spent with the student at their music lesson, but also the time preparing for their music lesson and as well as our business running costs, which involves:

  • one student concert per semester
  • creating an individual plan for the student's course of study
  • searching for appropriate repertoire for the student's needs 
  • our training and experience
  • attending professional developments and conferences
  • insurance
  • music lending library of resources
  • printing and scanning

If tuition is cancelled prior to the end of the term, no refunds will be given for the outstanding lessons.


Hansen Grindrod School of Music host two concerts throughout the year. We encourage all of our students to perform as it provides a wonderful opportunity to demonstrate what they have learnt. This concert allows gives the students a goal, a purpose to work hard and perform their piece.

Performance Dates:

Semester 1: Sunday 28 June 2020

Semester 2: Sunday 29 November 2020

Music Exams

Moving forward in 2020, the Hansen Grindrod School of Music will be only endorsing Con Brio Examinations for our students. Please see below table for the benefits of completing CBE.


Contact Us

For any enquiries or concerns, please email us at hansengrindrod@gmail.com. If you wish to talk to us, please let us know at the start of your child's lesson so we do not interrupt the scheduling flow.

2020 Studio Form Acceptance

By completing this form, you agree to adhere to these conditions while undertaking music lessons with Cassandra Hansen, Daniel Grindrod or Melissa Hansen. This form takes the place of a written signature and is a binding contract. I accept the conditions laid out in the 2020 Studio Policy. I understand I can access these terms any time online or by requesting a paper copy.